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Welcome to Discount Drycleaners Nigeria Limited

WELCOME to the purple world where customer is king

Discount Drycleaners is a certified professional laundering and Drycleaning company introduced to serve you with all excellence and qualified in all departments to deliver. Customer satisfaction is our delight.

Our vision is “Delivering value through excellence that is pocket friendly” this is reflected in all we do and in our choice of machines.

We are a member of the UK Guild of cleaners and launderers and certified by the same body.

Our water is treated and filtered to prevent any contamination of your wet cleaned items so that your whites remain white. In addition we treat your coloured garments in such a manner that they do not fade away quickly as is the norm with some other drycleaners.

Our factory situated in Lekki Phase 1 is spacious and offers pleasant working conditions for the staff.

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