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Discount drycleaners is not just a corner shop. The members of staff are trained to be responsible in the use of the solvents that clean your fabrics, be responsible for the machinery using steam and heat, and be able to safely remove the waste product produced after cleaning your fabrics and household items. This implies that we are specialists in dry-cleaning and laundry. Hence our acronym: "Dry cleaning by Specialists".

All our personnel have been highly trained and are experienced in their field. They are pleasant, eager to serve, willing to assist and ever ready to advice you on all aspects regarding caring for your Garments.

Your Garments will be inspected at the reception and any stain or defects will be brought to your attention and that of our trained factory technicians, who will endeavour to return your Garments to you in the best possible condition. Any foreseeable problems with the beads, trimmings, or features on your fabrics or with the dyes will be discussed, and professional advice given.

At Discount Drycleaners you can be sure that all your Garments from traditional to designer labels will be treated with special care and attention during the entire cleaning process.

Our promise to you is your total satisfaction.

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