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Evening and Wedding Dresses

Your evening and wedding dresses

Our expertise extends to specialised items like wedding gowns and evening dresses. We clean and beautifully press your wedding and evening dresses and return same to you in specialised packaging.

Wedding dresses are beautiful, decorative and come in many forms, from simple designs to very complex designs made specifically for that one big day.

At DISCOUNT DRYCLEANERS we realize this and have created various systems of cleaning even the most complex of wedding dresses, whether they are heavily beaded or a mixture of delicate fabrics, sometimes even both. If you were unlucky and gotten married in the rain the train or hem of your dress is going to be heavily soiled, you may have been unlucky and had food or drink spilled on you, worse still your beautiful dress may have been damaged, the heel of your shoe may have caught in the hem and torn your fabric. Your wedding day is a hectic event anything may happen at the time, it may not seem important, but the next day?

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