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1) Discount Drycleaners is only responsible for items received for processing.

2) Customers are urged to check their fabric at the point of collections to ensure that they are complete, as any shortage will not be liable to us.

3) Fabrics are packed in polythene to prevent them from dust; prolonged storage can render them liable to fungal attack, as customers should make sure their fabrics are collected on time.

4) Items of extreme value must be declared at the reception.

5) Fabrics left uncollected after 6 months will be donated to charitable cause.

6) Please note that we advise on prepayment services.

7) Any complaint must be returned within two weeks of collection or delivery. The tag showing the order number, plus the strip outlining the fabrics condition should also be returned.

8) Previous orders should be collected before bringing in new orders in order to avoid congestion on our storage rails and also delay in payment for fabric that has been dry-cleaned.

9) Our customers are to note that fabrics are insured for a period of 6 weeks after you have deposited them. After this time has expired we cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage, as the normal collection time is expected to be within 2 weeks.

10) All customers’ orders must be collected before depositing a new order to avoid confusion and misunderstanding at a later date.

Managment, 01-02-2012


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