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About Us

Our Purple Way Of Drycleaning

At Discount Drycleaners, you are royalty to us and you are treated as such at all times. Our aim and passion is to keep you satisfied.

As leaders in our sector, all our drycleaning solvents are imported and specially formulated to ensure that they are safe on your fabrics and your dyes.

We specialise in stain removal, and we have in our employ well trained and skilled personnel who specialize in this area and are dedicated exclusively to this.

However it should be remembered that while all stains can be removed, it is not possible to remove all stains from all fabrics. For instance, a stain on a white cotton fabric may be relatively easy to remove while it may be impossible to remove the same stain on a coloured silk fabric. Other factors also influence complete stain removal such as the fact that the stain may be old and oxidized or it may have been set by previous washing and or ironing.

We make bold to say that we are able to remove most stains and improve on all stains

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